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National Church Life Survey

Today we are taking part in the National Church Life Survey at all services. This survey of church life is conducted in the same year as the national census, although at GAC we hope for a smoother execution of the process! (Apologies to all ABS workers). The aim is to gather information to assess where [...]

Reviewing our Year of Discipleship

I trust that by this stage of the year, everyone will know that this is our “Year of Discipleship”. I urge you to take 20 minutes this week to find a quiet spot and with pencil and paper consider what you have learned about being a disciple. Consider whether the people closest to you would [...]

Topical sermon series

Today we continue in our series of tough topics and we are looking at the charge that the God of the Old Testament is different to, and more violent than, the God of the New Testament. This is a common belief so, if we are to trust the complete Bible we need to examine this [...]

Grappling with the tough questions

Over the coming weeks, our services will be looking at some tough questions and issues that we need to grapple with. This is especially so as we live in a culture that has become more and more ignorant of, and antagonistic to, the Christian faith. This antagonism was evidenced last week by the closure of [...]

National Church Life Survey

On 16 October, all congregations will participate in the National Church Life Survey. Why do we do this? This survey helps us to see our strengths and weaknesses so that Parish Council is able to better plan and prepare for the future. The NCLS information, helps us in our task as a church to grow [...]

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