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Secret of contentment

Sometime after World War Two, Australia’s method of economic growth moved from production to consumption. The old ethic of work hard and save hard was replaced with the new ethic of spend more and get more. Acquisitive materialism became a way of life and our economy runs on it. (Think lower taxes so we can [...]

The secret of joy

I hope you managed to see the celebrations of the successful Fijian rugby sevens team after they had won the gold medal at the Olympics. They were scenes of pure joy, singing and prayer. Today, we are hearing of two early disciples of Jesus as we continue in the book of Philippians. This, then, becomes [...]

Grace brings joy

When Naomi and I moved to Papua New Guinea for two years we were immediately given some vital advice. If you hurt or kill a person in a road accident, we were told, do not stop rather, drive to the nearest Police Station and get locked up. That was because PNG culture is based on [...]

Living for Christ

Last week as I preached at Forde, I used the words from NT Wright’s book Surprised by Hope, to consider why we should bother living selflessly. I hope the 10 am congregation won’t mind me repeating these words but they deserve to be pondered. Wright says, of our living for Christ, “You are not oiling [...]

‘Me’ vs. ‘We’

In the wake of September 11 and other threats Jonathan Sachs wrote that our real problem is actually internal not external. He wrote, “whenever me takes precedence over we, and pleasure today over viability tomorrow, a society is in trouble… (our) enemy is …unsustainable self-indulgence”. What Sachs wrote applies doubly to the church as we [...]

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