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Rational and Respectful Debate

Many people, fueled by the media, believe that religious (and especially Christian) views should be excluded from a place in public debate. In an extreme form note the “marriage equality” and its stand over the Cooper’s Beer partnership with the Bible Society. Threats harassment and bullying resulted in Cooper’s removing their 200 year celebration of the [...]

Read the Bible, Be transformed

I hope that you read the latest newsletter from the Boye family and I hope you pray for them. As I read the latest newsletter, I was intrigued by the fact that Geoff was fined for going through a green traffic light even though he and his passengers knew that it was green and that [...]

Growing in Prayer

This is a year in which we are hoping to help all our church family to grow in prayer. In my experience, it is often true that we nod our heads to the need to be prayerful but often don’t get around to it. Is that true of you? If so, why does this happen? [...]

Reach beyond the ordinary

Tonight we will witness the ordination of two people as Deacons in the church. What is the point of church when it (along with most organisations) is treated with suspicion and even hostility in these current days? The brilliant Australian author, Tim Winton, describes himself as a Christian although he also is wary of the [...]

Prayer for Community

You know as well as I do that the Western World is in a mess. The US President is not the problem: he is one symptom of which there are many. Self-seeking individualism has brought the West into crisis. The real question is can a decaying society be saved? In an interview, New York Times [...]

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