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Grappling with the tough questions

Over the coming weeks, our services will be looking at some tough questions and issues that we need to grapple with. This is especially so as we live in a culture that has become more and more ignorant of, and antagonistic to, the Christian faith. This antagonism was evidenced last week by the closure of [...]

National Church Life Survey

On 16 October, all congregations will participate in the National Church Life Survey. Why do we do this? This survey helps us to see our strengths and weaknesses so that Parish Council is able to better plan and prepare for the future. The NCLS information, helps us in our task as a church to grow [...]

National marriage week

This week is national marriage week. Our marriages, like everything else in life, need regular attention. We spend money to service our cars to make sure they run well, we do housework to ensure our homes remain liveable and I trust we take annual leave to refresh ourselves. Often though, we take our marriages for [...]

A Permanent Joy

I confess a pet aversion to you today: swooping magpies! And they are at it again as their dive-bombing heralds the arrival of spring. That means we are two thirds of the way through 2016. So we are also two thirds of the way through our Year of Discipleship. So this is a good time [...]

Secret of contentment

Sometime after World War Two, Australia’s method of economic growth moved from production to consumption. The old ethic of work hard and save hard was replaced with the new ethic of spend more and get more. Acquisitive materialism became a way of life and our economy runs on it. (Think lower taxes so we can [...]

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