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Farewell and Thankyou to the Clift family

by Michael Dasey (Rector)

Today is the lat day with us for Jason and family. As you know, Jason has been appointed Rector of Pearce. The Clifts have been with us for two and a half years, Jason has been the Minister for Welcome and Inclusion, with particular responsibility at Forde. Among other things, Jason has blessed us particularly [...]

Prayer request

by Michael Dasey (Rector)

The situation for Christians in Iraq is dire. Both Sunnis and Shiites want to kill them. There has already been slaughter in Mosul (ancient Ninevah). Reverend Andrew White Anglican priest in Iraq writes tanks are moving into the Christian villages destroying them and causing total carnage. Please pray. You can also give at the following [...]

Important news

by Michael Dasey (Rector)

Jason has accepted the offer to become the Rector of Pearce Parish. This is very exciting as Jason takes up leadership of a Parish for the first time. As one of Jason’s referees, I can say that the people of Pearce were very impressed with his skills and experience and are keen to have the [...]

Spirit that brings change

by Michael Dasey (Rector)

St Augustine said that “if you can understand it, it is not God”. His point is not that if there are gaps in our knowledge then we automatically attribute them to some supernatural cause, rather, his point is that we can never completely know or know about God because he is so much greater than [...]


by Michael Dasey (Rector)

This week I have written, on your behalf, a letter of thanks to those who exercise their gifts in the ministry of Sunday crèche and Children’s Church. You might wonder why I have singled these servant hearted people out more than others who are on various rosters. There are a few reasons for this: 1. [...]