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Looking to a Saviour

by Michael Dasey (Rector)

You will have noticed that a renewed push is on to legalise same sex marriage in Australia. Heterosexual and homosexual marriage can never be the same. Marriage has implications for children but homosexual marriage is unable to produce children relying on an outside party to provide the missing element. If we remove children from their [...]

Staff Retreat

by Michael Dasey (Rector)

This week the staff, accompanied by Parish Council Chair, Heather, will be away from Monday until Wednesday on the annual planning retreat. The timing is not ideal, as the Clergy were away last week at the Clergy Conference, however it is necessary to enable Red to participate before his forthcoming leave. Red will be on [...]

Radical faith

by Michael Dasey (Rector)

The NSW Department of Education has recently banned three books from its schools. What are these pernicious and shocking books? Are they about bomb making or are they gateways to terror groups or do they promote self-harm or racism? Well actually the books were being used in Special Religious Education classes to promote monogamous heterosexual [...]


by Michael Dasey (Rector)

You may have noticed the free newspaper “Eternity” at the back of the church. I commend this to you for thoughtful reading. If you read nothing else, read Dr John Dickson’s article on “The Art of Losing Well”. This article reminds us of the counter cultural nature of the Christian faith, and the spirit of [...]

A life well lived

by Michael Dasey (Rector)

The new atheists, people like Richard Dawkins, assert that religion is essentially violent, poisons the mind and is incapable of producing any good. I wonder what they make of the all too brief life of Andrew Chan, recently executed in Indonesia? Chan was a professed atheist and dealt in drugs. After his arrest for drug [...]