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Learn to listen

by Michael Dasey (Rector)

Part of being a disciple is to be a witness to Jesus (eg Matthew 28:20). We don’t have a choice about whether we witness but we have a variety of choices about how. It doesn’t have to be something completely foreign to us. In fact, I urge you to use what you love doing. Are [...]

Refresh your vision

by Michael Dasey (Rector)

In his excellent book, Post God Nation, Roy Williams quotes Thomas Carlyle “There needs not a great soul to make a hero; there needs to be a god-centred soul which will be true to its origin.” Williams continues, “An astonishing (my italics) number of distinguished figures in Australian history since 1788 have been people of [...]

Being a disciple

by Michael Dasey (Rector)

In your bulletin today, you will find an insert on being a disciple. You will remember that we have called 2016 our “Year of Discipleship”. The insert is to help you consider your personal growth as a disciple through some daily Bible readings from Luke’s Gospel. They aim to give you specific targets to work [...]

Year of discipleship

by Michael Dasey (Rector)

2016 at GAC finds us midway through our interim two year plan as we seek to ready ourselves for meeting the further growth needs of greater Gungahlin. We have 6 strategic objectives: 1. Three healthy, semi-independent congregations; 2. A church focussed on discipleship; 3. Sustainable finances. 4. A more prayerful church 5. A church that [...]