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Compassion project

by Michael Dasey (Rector)

Today, all services will view a short video on the work of Compassion. Compassion works through local churches to lift needy children from poverty via a monthly sponsorship and by the power of letter writing to sponsored children. Next Sunday, Lil Starr from Compassion will be at all services to personally introduce Compassion’s work and [...]

Tax the church!

by Michael Dasey (Rector)

Tax the church! So read the sign for one aspiring party in the recent Territory elections. Sounds almost fair doesn’t it? Why shouldn’t the churches pay tax? Surely that would be a vote catcher? Well, interestingly enough, Hugh MacKay in his research found that 88% of non churchgoers would like a church in their local [...]

From the Rector

by Michael Dasey (Rector)

Shortly after Easter 2017, I will be taking long service leave for 15 weeks. In consultation with our Clergy Appointment representatives, the Bishop, and the Chair of Parish Council, I have appointed Red Taylor as locum for this period. So pray for Red and the staff as we prepare for this time. Following my long [...]

Humbly rely on the blessing of Almighty God

by Michael Dasey (Rector)

The preamble to the Constitution of Australia, notes Australia to be “humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God” as it became a federated nation. I often hear people talking of our constitution as though its intent was to guarantee freedom from religion. They are no doubt thinking of Section 116 which reads “The Commonwealth [...]