People come to church for all sorts of reasons, however they stay for one. What is it? (answer later)

Over the next two years, one of our strategies for growth is to change our thinking. We want to move from thinking of ourselves as volunteers who fill rosters to thinking of ourselves as disciples with a mission mindset as we serve in our church family.

For instance: morning tea is provided (supper at 7pm). This is not just a really kind act from people on a roster (though it is that too). It also provides opportunities for you to chat with other people. Morning tea provides hospitality that makes it more congenial for people to stay around.

So, how is this a “mission” activity? Firstly the rostered people consider how their provision of food and their setting out and cleaning up makes ministry possible: people want to stay! Secondly, those of us not on rosters get opportunities to welcome others or perhaps encourage those who are down. Are you doing this? Is this what you consider each week? If not pray for a new mindset. Why not make sure you invite new people to stay. Offer them a cup of coffee or tea. Introduce them to others.

If you are talking to a regular attender, listen carefully to them. Where appropriate offer to pray for them. In these ways, morning tea becomes a time of mission and ministry to the glory of God and the building up of His people. The clergy cannot meet and talk with everyone: you too are missionaries for our Lord Jesus.

Does this mean there is no room in our church for people to sit back and quietly seek truth? Of course not, we welcome seekers and trust they are blessed by God’s love and ours. You and your care will be a central part in people’s quest for faith in Jesus! You are part of Jesus’ mission.

Oh yes, people come to church for many reasons but they stay mainly for one: relationships.