I frequented a local business this week and the owner and I conversed about Christmas and church in his, quite busy, shop. This man, in his late thirties, knew nothing at all about the church and its message of Jesus. When I asked what he believed in, he replied “science”. I replied “so do I, but I also believe in the God who created it.”
This man had done his schooling, including college, in Canberra. The question crossed my mind as to how it is possible to receive a modern education and know nothing about Jesus, whose birth we celebrate today. On almost any measure, Jesus has shaped the modern world more than any other. Biography Online rates Jesus #1. Who’s Greater rates Jesus#1. The Top Ten Most Influential People rates Jesus #1. 100 Most Influential People by Michael Hast rates Jesus #3

Today, one in three people across the globe worship him!! So really, it has to be an almost deliberate effort to “educate” people without teaching them about Jesus. (Incidentally the largest population of Christians (243 million) is found, in the United States, followed by Brazil, Mexico, Russia, the Philippines, Nigeria and China. Try that for a Christmas Quiz).

No wonder we gather together today. The life of Jesus is truly unique. For he came to save his people from the result of their opposition to God and to bring us back to his family. To do that God had to become a person. We don’t just remember we worship.

So try asking your friends who they think is the most influential person in history: it’s a great Christmas talking point!