As Bishop Stuart outlined in Anglican News, the program will seek to:

  • promote the ability of children and young people to recover from the effects of abuse, trauma and loss;
  • resource carers to provide nurturing, therapeutic, healing care for children and young people using a specialist trauma recovery model;
  • promote placement stability for children and young people;
  • work with birth families in a supportive, inclusive and respectful way; and,
  • ensure that meaningful planning occurs in regard to the cultural needs of Aboriginal and other culturally diverse children and young people.

Anglicare Foster Care ACT will be delivering this program in partnership with the Australian Childhood Foundation, a very experienced and committed provider of therapeutic services for children who are abused. We are very excited by the establishment of this critical partnership to ensure the healing outcomes for our foster children and young people.

I am strongly encouraging our Parishes to become partners with this program which is an active opportunity to “change lives and transform our community”. I believe there are many within our Parishes who have the capacity and commitment necessary to care for our community’s most vulnerable children. I believe there are also others in our Parishes who may not be able to care for children full-time but who would be valuable and positive support people to assist those providing the direct care. Thus Parish Communities would be supported through this program to provide in effect a circle of supportive care around the child which holds them as central and cherished.