Last week, as part of our Advent response to the knowledge that Jesus will come back and ask us to account for our use of the things he has given us, we launched our Compassion project. Our aim is to support 60 needy children in the one area of Kalimantan, Indonesia. Further, we aim to offer the opportunity to visit “our” children and see the fruit of our care in due course. On the first week of this project, last Sunday, we had 37 children sponsored from across the congregations. This means we have only 23 to go.

It is important that we do not leave any of these children feeling second best by having no sponsor. Will you sponsor a child by lifting them out of poverty with financial support ($48 per month) and by caring for them through letter writing and prayer? Talk to your service Pastor if you would like to sign up. We have the forms, information and children ready to go! And why not begin to plan for a trip to Kalimantan with other sponsors from our church family to meet your child? God has given us the means and the opportunity to lift children from poverty.