On Friday Burgmann Anglican School celebrated its Foundation Day. This is also an important date for our church. It was our small church who really began the school! (Ask the Heywards for the full and inspiring story.) So as we celebrate with the school. We note that the baby has outgrown the parents by a long way as the school has 1500 students and a large amount of infrastructure that was hard to imagine when a solitary building stood on the Valley Avenue site.

As we think today of our connection with CMS, and next week reconnect with the Boye family ministering in Tanzania, we ought also remember that one of our local mission fields is the school on whose grounds we meet. Although we are not simply a church school, we are bound to the school in many ways, not least of all by a covenant to minister to the school population.

So as we consider cross cultural ministry over the next two weeks, let us also remember our obligations and opportunities in Gungahlin and in this very school. Continue to pray for the Principal, for Parish Council and for me as we seek to be faithful to our calling. In this regard, I want to thank those who helped out with the church run barbeque on Friday as we served the school community and were a visible reminder of the connection we have. Pray for the school and don’t be afraid to ask Parish Councillors and staff “How are we going in our mission to the school?”