Shortly after Easter 2017, I will be taking long service leave for 15 weeks. In consultation with our Clergy Appointment representatives, the Bishop, and the Chair of Parish Council, I have appointed Red Taylor as locum for this period. So pray for Red and the staff as we prepare for this time.

Following my long service leave, I will be resigning from my role as Rector. After almost twelve years as your Pastor, I believe this to be the right time to resign. The Gungahlin area is continuing to grow and our Parish will need new ideas to grow with it. This is an exciting time with great potential and will require a new burst of energy from the leadership and the Parish to expand into the new suburbs. Parish Council is already grappling with how this might look, so please support them with your prayers and teamwork.

All this I have discussed with the Bishop and I have asked the Bishop to convene a Clergy Appointment process while I am on long service leave to facilitate the appointment of the next Rector. This will enable a good time of consultation across the Parish, with our three congregations, to work out the kinds of gifts and abilities needed to take GAC into the future. It will also be a time of prayer. Ideally it would be great to have someone ready to step into the role soon after the conclusion of my long service leave but that will, of course, depend on the availability of the new Incumbent.

It goes without saying that Naomi and I have felt the very real privilege of leading GAC in this significant time in its history and we are indebted to so many who have loved and supported us and worked at our common goals and to honor our Lord.. Our longing is for GAC to continue to grow and to faithfully proclaim Jesus. He is such a great Saviour and we are so deeply blessed to be his people.