Well, just a week until Christmas. I am sure you did not need me to remind you of that! However, I might need to remind you of this: take some time, make some time, to read the Bible and note the way its authors marvel at what God has done. The Son of God was human! Eternity was placed into a finite life. Immortality was mortal. The wonders keep piling up. That is what the carol writers keep wanting us to see: the “everlasting Lord” from “highest heaven” who comes to be born “from a virgin’s womb”. This is the truth of the Bible and it is shocking and genuinely amazing.

So choose for instance the people closest to Jesus, John and Peter, and read, think about and pray through their words. I suggest 2 Peter 1: 16–19; 1 John 1: 1–4 and of course the Prologue to John’s Gospel. Consider what it would take to convince these committed Jewish men, that the person they shared 3 years with, to whom they spoke, whom they touched, was God! Let the wonder capture you. Then stop and think that all this was to see “God and sinners reconciled”*.

It is difficult to find time in the rush of Christmas, so be deliberate and plan this time of reading and prayer and see how God will bring blessing through it.
*words from Hark the Herald Angels Sing