In 2 Kings 7:9, the story is told of four men who discover that a besieging army has inexplicably (the text explains how God organized it), fled, leaving all its weapons, food and possessions behind. At first the four men fall upon the food and valuable possessions. Suddenly they realise they are doing wrong by not informing the fearful and starving inhabitants of the besieged city. One exclaims, “This is a day of good news and we are keeping it to ourselves”.

Easter is a day of unsurpassed Good News. When someone asks you what you did over Easter, be prepared with an attractive answer. You might say “I have seen into my future and it is amazing!” That should provoke a response. Then you might explain that you celebrated the resurrection of Jesus and that is what will happen to you! I am sure you can come up with other ideas.

Of course, the point is that there is no better news available to humans than what brings us together today. “He is Risen” and we will rise too into a new physical world with a new incorruptible physical body. Let’s not keep the Easter news to ourselves. Today is the best day of the year!