YouTube, Facebook, “reality” and talent shows give people the opportunity for momentary fame, in an unprecedented way. You don’t even have to be good at something (just appear on Big Brother), or have a noble character or achieve anything (Kardashians?) you just have to be known. If Descartes was a modern thinker he might have said, “I am known therefore I am”. And so we descend into frightening triviality.

How brilliant to belong to Jesus, to be creatures of eternity. For human recognition is fleeting “All people are like grass….the grass withers, the flower fades… but the Word of the Lord lasts forever.” Isaiah 40

Do you want immortality and recognition that counts, that lasts? Then turn to the Creator. Jesus’ invitation is there, rejoice in it today for “this is eternal life that you know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom (God) sent.” John 17:3. As we lose ourselves in Him, we truly find ourselves. You don’t have to lose your integrity or sell yourself to be valued and loved beyond measure.