You know as well as I do that the Western World is in a mess. The US President is not the problem: he is one symptom of which there are many. Self-seeking individualism has brought the West into crisis. The real question is can a decaying society be saved?

In an interview, New York Times columnist David Brooks said yes and gave two examples, here is his response:

“ In Ephesus, when the Roman Empire was at a stage of late, high decadence, there was a little guy in the market, who everyone probably considered a weirdo, named St. Paul, and he was preaching. Within 300 years, Ephesus was a ruin and Paul’s religion had taken over the world. There are other cases, closer to home. In 1830, in this country,[USA] it was totally acceptable to go to work, drink all day, drink afterwards, go home and beat your wife. By 1840, that was completely unacceptable. There was an awakening, and people said no, we don’t tolerate that.”

In both cases, the answer was a Jesus centred one. The answer was the Gospel of Jesus. Our community needs Jesus, it needs our church, it needs you. It needs your love, integrity and your testimony to Jesus in word and deed. In this Year of Prayer, pray that Jesus will use you to help the healing of a fractured community.