I hope that you read the latest newsletter from the Boye family and I hope you pray for them. As I read the latest newsletter, I was intrigued by the fact that Geoff was fined for going through a green traffic light even though he and his passengers knew that it was green and that the police were corruptly seeking financial gain. Why doesn’t this happen in Australia (where the police officer would lose his job) but is routine in Africa, India, Pakistan and many other places?

Well, take a look at the Global Corruption Perceptions Index 2016 produced by Transparency International. You will see that of the top 15 (cleanest) countries, all but one are Protestant: that is secular countries whose cultures have been shaped by the Bible. The most atheistic countries are among the most corrupt, not too far behind Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim countries. This is no coincidence. These cultures have been soaked in Biblical values over centuries to not only refrain from stealing but to be generous to others and honest in conduct. Of course, as they move away from Jesus they will slip backwards. Indeed, Australia now sits in 13th place.

The Bible is integral to a transformed world, as can be demonstrated by the fact that Christendom was as corrupt as any part of the world until it rediscovered the Bible via the Reformation in the sixteenth century.  It is worth sharing this information with your colleagues. But don’t forget to read the Bible and allow it to transform you.