Our website has changed a fair bit. To help you make the transition, we’ve provided some helpful hints below. Those of us who built this site already know how to find our way around it, but we’ll keep these details here for a few months in case it takes you a few visits to become as familiar as we are!

Where is the 'Home' link?
You may have noticed there is no “Home” button or link. That’s because we’ve made a link in the page banner. Simply click the Gungahlin Anglican Church logo at the top of any page to return to the home page.
The Design
The new website represents a whole new online presence for Gungahlin Anglican Church. We have made the site specifically to allow visitors and newcomers to quickly find their way around the site and connect with others in the Church. We have also created a members area for those people who call Gungahlin Anglican Church home.
You will notice that the top menu bar is set out to follow the path we think someone would follow as they come to know us and Jesus more deeply. First we would expect people to want to know what we actually believe, then they might visit and connect, and all this will lead to learning more through our teaching and ultimately serving God through the church.

Some of the menu items have extra detail, if you hover your mouse over the menu some extra detail will be displayed that you can click on and navigate to another part of our site.

The Main Page
The main page is designed to be the staging post of our website. On the main page you will have all the most recent updates and upcoming events, as well as links to sermons, staff directory, and our meeting times.

From the main page it is a simple matter of a click or two to the information you really need.

If you are having trouble locating something, simple use the search function located on the right hand side of each page.

Twitter, Feeds, and Facebook!
At the top of the home page you will notice three little icons (they are also at the bottom of every other page). If you click these icons they will link you to our RSS feed, our Facebook site, and our Twitter profile respectively. Ok, if all that doesn’t make any sense, don’t worry about it for now … you can use our website without any of those things … but if you ask a friend or a family member who like computers or their mobile phone, they should be able to help you these great new features too!
The Slider
You will notice that the big picture on the main page changes from time to time. You can also change it yourself by clicking the little squares below the picture. We call this the “Slider.” We will use the slider to draw your attention to some of the bigger and more important things that are happening around church and sometimes even as a reminder of why we meet together. Sometimes, if you click the slider it will take you to a more detailed page, and sometimes it won’t. That’s all part of making our new site fresh, fun, and enjoyable, without constantly changing the location of all that information you like to access over and over again.
What's On (Upcoming Events)
The upcoming events section will provide you with a list of what’s happening within the church over the coming months. At the moment all the information is there in one place, but we’re working hard to improve this section so you can find the information that relates to you more specifically, such as searching for kids activities or women’s activities for instance.
On Camera (Gallery)
It’s always good to see photos of our happy parishioners meeting together and celebrating our love of Jesus, but as a courtesy, we’ll always ask your permission before putting your photo up on our website.
Members Area
As the Internet has expanded and grown, more and more of what we do in our normal life happens on the internet. At the same time, our expectations have grown. When we first built the Gungahlin Anglican Church website we were pretty much happy to put anything and everything up there in public view. While we have nothing to hide, we have decided that’s probably not the most appropriate thing to do these days and there are some issues of “family business” that we would prefer to protect a little bit. In the same way the most of us limit access to our Facebook account to friends and family, we have decided that things like discussion forums, church rosters, the bulletin board, etc are better off being limited to only those people who are prepared to register on our site. Furthermore, access to the members area provides you with an ability to make posts to certain parts of the site, and we do want to make sure that our new website is not a target for vandals.

Accessing the Members Area is simply a matter of registering and then logging in like a lot of other places on the web. The login link is at the bottom of each page. If you use your own home computer or laptop each time you visit our site you may like to login once and stay logged in. If you are visiting from a computer that is not your own, or a from a public computer, it is very important that you do logout after you visit the site. Once again, this is no different than if you were using online banking or webmail on a public computer. We wouldn’t want someone using your login to post something silly to our website, or worse still, accessing the email address you used to register for the site.

Privacy and Terms
Down the bottom of each page we have also included links to our Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use for our website. Both of these documents provide some guidelines on how we manage the website and how we will ensure the use of the Gungahlin Anglican Church website remains consistent with the mission and vision of our Church. Some of the language might sound as bit heavy, but hey, we’re only trying to make it clear and obvious what we’re trying to achieve here. If we make that clear up front there is less chance of a misunderstanding later on.