Nearly everyone at GAC knows that we have called this a Year of Discipleship. Our preaching has taken this focus since the start of the Year. We commenced the year looking at Exodus and the “discipling” of the people to make them ready for the Promised Land. In the lead up to Easter we watched Jesus pray for his disciples, learning the things that are priorities in a disciple’s life and seeing Jesus’ love for his disciples. Following that we looked at Philippians a church that exhibited joyful discipleship and we looked at Philemon and the lives of two very different disciples and the hard but different calls on each one.

In all this, what is a disciple? How would we define one?

For me a disciple is a wholehearted follower of Jesus or, if you like, a person for whom Jesus is Lord (or boss) over all. This Lordship will be informed by Jesus’ own life and inevitably show itself in service of others. This service will arise out of a real sense of mission. For example a disciple will be on a roster to serve others but what differentiates a disciple is her/his willing service arising from this sense of mission and service (which will produce joy) not just a sense of obligation (which will grow resentment).

So, attitude is everything and, in the end, only our Master knows our very hearts