A very happy New Year to you. There is something beautiful and clean, like new green shoots on a Spring tree, in the opening of another year. There are new potentials and opportunities for us all. May Jesus be at the heart of your New Year and may your resolution be to grow in Him through His Word.

This coming year will be a year of change for us at GAC. God-willing, I will celebrate my twelfth and final Easter with you in April, before taking long service leave and then resigning. During my leave, the search will commence for our new Rector. Following my leave, I will be in retirement of some sort. So, big changes…

Because this is a year of change, we have titled this year a Year of Prayer. In our need for God’s leading, let us be driven to our knees, humbly seeking the person who will lead GAC into the future. There is still much to be done in both consolidating our church and in continuing to outreach to the new suburbs under, or nearing, construction: Moncrief, Throsby, Jacka, Taylor and Kenny. So how will we face this challenge? The answer is only through God’s enabling. So for that we must pray. Isn’t that exciting.
So amongst your New Year resolutions, I hope that there is the resolution to be more prayerful, especially to be more prayerful for the needs of the church to be effective in its mission to grow joyful followers of Jesus.