GAC is committed to the belief that God loves us all unconditionally and seeks to reflect that love in its care for others as God’s Word commands.  Care happens when Christians help others by listening, responding, praying and providing appropriate support.  GAC recognises that both formal and informal care is equally important, and both have spiritual significance.

Our church care network includes the following ministries:

  • Growth Groups
  • Pastoral care
  • Prayer
  • Practical care

Growth Groups

GAC believes that the best way to administer informal pastoral care is within Growth Groups which meet in the homes of church members generally on a weekly or fortnightly basis.  Growth groups are places where people can work together to understand God’s Word better, develop friendships, are supported, prayed for and encouraged in their faith.

Pastoral Care

GAC aims to assign each family/person listed on its parish roll and not in a growth group to a member of the congregation who will be a contact person in times of need, and also in good times.    The prime goal of this ministry is to care for and encourage one another on our Christian journey.


Prayer chains have been established for crisis and long-term prayer requests, and also for giving thanks for answered prayer.  Women’s prayer breakfasts are held on a regular basis and informal prayer partnerships/groups are encouraged.  Prayer requests can made here in the members area.

Practical Care

GAC responds to those with special needs due to illness, hospitalisation, bereavement, family pressures and other issues.  It maintains a supply of frozen and fresh meals with available for congregational members at short notice for emergency situations.

GAC also has a SWAT Team (Service With Attitude – Love!) which responds to the practical needs of people, such as assisting with odd jobs in the homes and gardens of members of the church and wider community.

For more information on GAC’s church care network please click here.